How to use Social Media to Build Backlinks

Using Social Media To Build Links!

It’s time for another glorious link building series. What better note to than everyone’s favorite topic – social media.

We’re going to talk about being where your users are, managing your reputation. Getting those links from social sites!

Now, I can already hear you – “Social Media presence is not link building!” Well, ok, but most of the things that have historically been considered link building are a bit sheisty at best.

Bear with us, we really think that social is one of your best and most reliable tools for building links to your site.

At this point, I’m going to do a bit of preaching to the choir you already know that it’s super important for businesses of all sizes to have some kind of a presence on social media.

There are many reasons for this. These days most people use some form of social media. Including your mom, uncle, grandma and probably your competitors.
Social Media – If you Don’t Use It You , you’re missing out.
It also helps you out in search – different social media profiles can help you to fill up the first page of the results for branded searches with pages that you have control over.

This is a huge plus if there are pages out there that might have reviewed your business negatively, or if your competitors are ranking for your brand.

You don’t want to share the spotlight with them. Give Google everything you can to fill that first page.

In addition to those benefits, social media is an opportunity for building a personality behind your brand. Connecting with customers in a more personal way, and provides you with the perfect opportunity to share your stuff.

If you’re sharing a piece of content that features another business or service, mention them when sharing the content by including their brand or handle. If they’re doing a good job and tracking brand mentions then you may catch their attention, leading to a retweet/+1/share.

It’s not easy to engage with your audience through social media.

When somebody is on your website looking for your products or services, they are in work mode.

When they are looking through their Facebook feed to see what their friends are talking about. They’re in cute cat videos and recipes mode. You have to keep this in mind when thinking about how to engage with them.

If one of your friends was constantly trying to sell things to you via social media, you would probably unfollow them.

That just isn’t what social media is for, even for brands.

It’s about making connections, building and maintaining relationships, and generally raising awareness.

Now, why are we talking about this in a link building series? Well, while the SEO value of links from social media hasn’t always been super clear, these links definitely come with huge referral potentials.

In a video when answering a question around whether pages from social media sites are ranked differently. Matt Cutts Blog once explained social media signals don’t play a direct part in Google’s ranking algorithms (or at least they didn’t in 2014).

But he also noted that there’s usually a pretty strong correlation between pages that are popular on social media and those that rank well in Google, which suggests that Google is good at knowing what people like.

Social media can also serve as more than just indirect link building. It can be a useful tool for getting inspired by competitors or others in your niche.

Social Media Brand Mentions

Social Media Link Building

Social Media Link Building

For example, tracking your competitors’ brand mentions can help you understand how they are building new links and what their customers are saying about them.

Look at the quality backlinks that your competitors are building then use their success to complement your own backlink profile! Also, if you see a potential customer asking questions about one of your competitors and going unanswered. It can be the perfect time for you to step in and make them aware of what you have to offer.

It’s pretty cheeky, but can be really effective.

Similarly, if you see that somebody has linked to one of your competitors in a blog post and it would also make sense for them to link to you too, then you can contact the author and try your luck at getting listed as well.

In the end, the main thing to remember when looking to build links no matter what the method is that you need to remove your focus from the ranking benefits associated with the links. Instead think about the bigger picture: the referrals they could bring. The brand awareness they could build, how they could improve the overall user experience or allow you to become a trusted member of an online community.

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