Dental Marketing – Five Reasons to use Facebook Marketing

Dental Marketing Tutorial

Hi, thank you so much for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy this post on Dental Marketing. After watching the video above what I’d like you to be able to do, is start your facebook ad campaign and start getting new patients for your dental practice within the next day or two.

That is my ultimate objective for this post, so I will show you the very basics on how to set things up.

We’ll also go through on my computer so you can see how we can actually set up your first campaign to get new patients for your dental practice right away.

Alright so before we start I like to go through five reasons why I believe that facebook ads are a fantastic way to get new clients for you or your clients dental practice. So the first thing is that facebook ads right now, if you do the right way, is way cheaper than compared to something like Google AdWords.

Where you pay possibly five to ten dollars per click on facebook ads if you do it right you can get clicks for as low as thirty cents, forty cents or even fifty cents.

Dental Marketing – How To Get To get new patients to your Dental practice.

Dental Marketing

So that is the first thing is that it costs much lower if you do it the right way. The second thing is that you can actually measure the effectiveness of your ads so that you will know, unlike say a newspaper ad, you may not necessarily know how many people saw your ad and how many people to respond to the ad.

But with facebook ads you can actually discover how many people actually saw your ad and how many people clicked and interacted with your ad and even came through as an enquiry.

So that is the second key benefit that I find with facebook ads, and third thing is that facebook just has a huge audience of people.

Pretty much everyone has a facebook profile.

Everybody uses facebook just about right? They are 1.

6 billion people on facebook which means you know you can actually target a lot of people and advertise to a lot of people going forward.

And that brings us to the next point is that Facebook it’s not just 1.

6 billion people On Facebook.

They have a lot of data on these people like what websites they visit how they behave to ads and lot of data like your interests and so on.

Which gives you a very powerful platform but by which you can use facebook marketing to target these people to bring them into your practice So that’s the fourth great benefit of using Facebook to get more clients.

Now, the final thing is that you know you’re probably thinking well that’s great but I don’t want to get low quality clients that compare my practice and get different quotes from different places. That’s the fifth benefit of facebook ads. If you do it right, you are not like when you advertise on Google or to SEO, people can ‘compare shop’ you with other people, other dentist.

With facebook ads here is one of the key benefits. There is very little comparison shopping they don’t compare you with other people.

Simply because you know it’s not that kind of platform where you can easily compare.

So those I believe are the five key reasons why facebook ads are so effective for dental practitioners and owners to get new patients into your practice and we’ve done this many many times and it’s been proven to be successful.

So I hope you enjoyed this first introductory tutorial that gives you the ‘whys’ behind using facebook ads for dental marketing.