What are Backlinks? Beginners Guide To Ranking First Page Of Google

Hello My Friends I am Jason and welcome to the First Special ‘Link Building Tutorial’ brought to you on behalf of Jvzoo Review Guru.

Today I want to talk to you about ‘Backlinks’ and explain exactly what they are.

For your ‘complete understanding’ of backlinks in this Tutorial will be covering 3 key elements.

Firstly, we will be discussing What Backlinks Are and How do they Work?

Secondly, we will be answering the question Why Does My Website Need Backlinks?

Thirdly, Why Quality Backlinks are far more Important than Quantity! OK My Friends let us begin.


What Are Backlinks and How do they Work?

What Is A Backlink

Backlinks are simply ‘Inbound’ mouse clickable or text elements on a web page that allow the web user to be taken to another page on the Internet.

Often these links are in the form of Anchor Text.

Anchor Text allows you to choose what the link text says and to target a specific keyword or phrase to point to that very same place on the Internet.

Good and Relevant ‘Anchor Text’ is crucial for building quality backlinks and we will be discussing this in the next Tutorial.

So please for complete understanding of backlinks ensure you check out the other backlink seo posts here! Essentially every backlink you build for your website acts as a ‘Green Tick’ or ‘Positive Vote’ for your site from search engines like Google. It’s a bit like going to the movies.

You generally want to know what’s hot and what’s not before you choose your film.

You might even read some ‘movie reviews’ before you decide on what you want to see.

Google and other search engines do exactly the same thing.

They are in essence looking for reviews of your site.

But of course we’re talking about reviews in the form of ‘backlinks’ or ‘clickable links to your site! So let’s explain How Backlinks Work with a specific example.

Just say you have two websites.

The websites are ‘Seo Softwares.com.

And ‘SEO Tutorials.com.

Seo Softwares.Com being a seo software site and seo tutorials, being a seo tutorial site.

Seo Tutorials.com being a seo tutor site, writes a review of one of the latest seo softwares that has just been released.

In the review it ‘Links’ out to Seo Softwares.Com because Seo Softwares.Com happens to be the actual producer of the product it is writing the review on.

As Seo Tutorials has linked out to Seo Softwares, Seo Softwares has subsequently obtained a backlink from Seo Tutorials.Com.

Now it’s important to understand that Google does not follow and give weight to every backlink on your your site.

When a site links out to you it will do so either with or without the ‘No Follow’ Tag.

Please don’t worry about the meaning of ‘No Follow’ and ‘DoFollow’ for this Tutorial.

It is relevant but we will be discussing ‘Do Follow’ and ‘No Follow’ in another Tutorial.

So please check that one out! All you got to know for now is that both these types of links play an important role in the search engines.

Now that we’ve defined what backlinks are let’s move on to our second point.

Why Does Your Website Need Backlinks?

Well My Friends, you can’t just build a website and expect people to come! You need to let Google know that your website exists and it’s really worth checking out! Search Engines like Google see backlinks as a big measure of ‘trust’ and ‘authority’ when it comes to ranking sites.

As we mentioned earlier backlinks are like green ticks, plus signs and positive votes for your site.

So generally the more ‘green ticks’ or ‘positive votes’ or ‘plus signs’ you have the more Google tends to stand up, pay attention and reward your site with higher ranking.

After your site is ranking higher in the search engines you can really start to let other people know that your website exists and it’s really worth a look as well! We used the example of ‘Seo Softwares’ earlier and we can again use a similar analogy again right here.

You wouldn’t spend millions of dollars producing a mega block buster and not communicate the release date to the public and to the cinemas and you wouldn’t play the movie in cinemas without getting the word out there.

This brings out our third and last point for this Tutorial.


Why Quality Backlinks are far more Important than Quantity!


When it comes to building backlinks it’s not simply a case of building them in a ‘mass volume’ aimlessly.

The reason is that search engines like Google analyze the relevance of a site to a keyword.

They will look at the number of ‘quality’ inbound links pointing to your site rather than just the overall ‘quantity.

‘ To Summarize, the higher the ‘relevance’ of the inbound link, the higher the ‘quality.

‘ We can best explain this through another analogy.

Let us use the same sites as we mentioned before.

‘Seo Tools.Com’ and ‘Seo Tutorials.Com.

Let’s say Seo Tutorials.Com receives two backlinks.

One from a website about ‘Seo’ and one from a website about ‘Swimming Pools.

‘ In most cases the backlink received from the one about seo would be considered more ‘relevant’ and therefore of ‘higher quality’ to the search engines.

It’s much more on topic to the site than the ‘swimming pool’ one.

Search engines are all about returning the end user a great set of results when they type a keyword into their system.

That is why ‘Quality’ is so important.

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be so impressed if you went to see a Movie on ‘Star Wars’ and it turned out to be ‘Cinderella’ now would you? [Joke] So there you go.

In Conclusion.

There are no ifs, buts or maybes when it comes to Backlinks.

They are most certainly the ‘Gold medal’ when it comes to SEO and the majority of your time and effort should be spent on building backlinks to your website when it comes to overall Search Engine Optimization.

Building quality backlinks to your site will go a long way to propelling your site towards the first page of Google and in return bringing more traffic, leads and ultimately more revenue to your business.

This Concludes our Special ‘Link Building Tutorial’ brought to you on behalf of Jvzoo Review Guru.

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